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Quality and dependability drive Vikyno-Vinappro’s name recognition as the market leader and describes Vikyno-Vinappro’s out-of-the-box reputation and field history.  Vikyno-Vinappro’s application engineering department works closely with their customers from concept through production to match up the engine and the customer specifications.  At the same time the engineers ensure that the technical integrity and engine quality are met and maintained to Vikyno-Vinappro’s standards.  This is the Vikyno-Vinappro way.


Vikyno-Vinappro offers unparalleled field support, technical training, and customer support to distribute the latest information and best engineering support to Vikyno-Vinappro distributors and OEMs.  Vikyno-Vinappro Service and Engineering covers the world-wide.  Through the strength of Vikyno-Vinappro Vietnam’s distributor network, there are over 1000 service centers overseen by the distributors that are ready to serve Vikyno-Vinappro’s customers in all markets.