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-  Diesel engines from 5HP-32HP (under KUBOTA and YANMAR license and technology from Japan)

-  Power tillers (two-wheel tractors) from 7HP up to 26 HP

-  Centrifugal, high pressure, sel-priming Water pumps

-  Water pumps fitted with Gasoline engines (2’’ and 3’’).

-  Rice milling machines: rice huller, rice polisher (capacity from 1000kgs to 2000kgs/hr)

-  Rubber rolls for rice huller machine (cast iron drum) from 4’’, 6’’, 8’’ and 10’’. (brown and ivory colour).

-  Rice reapers under KUBOTA design fitted with Vikyno gasoline engine.

-  Generators powered by diesel engines and gasoline engines (from 3KVA-15KVA)

-  Paddy seeder

-  Construction machines: (concrete mixer, submersible pump, concrete vibrato, concrete cutter, plate compactor,wheel barrow, power trowel, iron cutter, stretching machine...)

-  Electric Motor, electric pump...

-  Kubota combine harverster (DC35, DC60, DC70, DC95 ,DC105X...).

- Kubota tractors (B2420, L3108, L3408, L4508,L5018, M6040, M704K,...)

All the products of US conform to renowned standards and its range of items are ISO 9001:2008 AND ISO 14001:2004 Certified for its quality and environment management system as duly accredited by DNV Certification B.V., The Netherlands.

Dealer network and export: We have a wide distribution network with more than 100 major dealers throughout the country for domestic sales.  For export markets, our products are being exported to over 25 countries in the World such as, in the Asia region: Malaysia, The Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, Sri Lanka, India, Japan, and Korea. In the Middle East region: Iran, Iraq, and the United Arab Emirates. In South African region: Yemen, Nigeria, Benin, Madagascar, and Mozambique. In South American region: Panama, Chile, Costa Rica, Bolivia, Venezuela, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, and Brazil.

Land area and premises:

                                     VIKYNO FACTORY         VINAPPRO FACTORY

Total ground area:            69,576 sqm                               64,429 sqm

Office area:                      3,126 sqm                                   1,078 sqm

Workshop:                       17,330 sqm                                17,885 sqm

Employees:                      over 1000 office staff and factory workers.

VIKYNO & VINAPPRO BRAND are always looking for ways to produce the best quality and environment friendly agriculture machines. In order to strengthen our products' competitiveness and to readily comply with future emission regulations, the Research & Development Division and the Quality Inspection Division were restructured and modernized. Expert engineers and the most technologically advanced equipment, based on the latest R&D know-how and measurement technology, were put together in these two facilities.

For more information about our company please visit our websites at:




MR.FRANK  +84 983832388    ( DIRECTOR ) 



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